Untitled #1

Ok so I didn’t have an idea for a title for this post. Whatever.

Anyways, 3rd post today !!!!!

I just like writing a lot, lol. I’m kind of not happy about the fact that all my stats say 0. But that will sure change in the near future, hopefully.


Starting to take responsibility

Today I got up from my bed, took a shower, brushed my teeth, did my hair, and got dressed. My plan for the day since yesterday was to get out of my house, and look for a job. I decided it was time to stop being so damn lazy.

I’m happy that I actually took action today. Usually I hesitate and end up doing nothing at all. It’s not that I don’t want to do anything with my life, it’s just that I like being comfortable.

Hopefully I get a call from any of the places I applied to or I might just loose faith in myself and become lazy again.

First post ‼️😁👌

I’m really excited about the fact that this is my first post. I have a lot of love for writing and I plan on having my self hosted blog as well as writing a series of books some time in the future. Life is good when you make it that way. Hopefully a lot of people find my blog interesting and decide to follow it.